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I Left My Heart…

…in San Francisco.

Hello! After a bit of a hiatus, I have returned. I apologize for the delay. I just spent almost 6 weeks in the beautiful Bay area known as San Francisco. I intended on keeping up with the blog and rehearsing and touring all at once, but rehearsing from 10am-10pm left me little to no time for computer bliss. So, welcome back to my Rants and Raves du Jour.

Here are some things I learned in San Francisco:

-Bus transfers are actually good for days, not just hours.

-Do NOT say Black&Tan in an Irish bar. Havoc will ensue.

-All the hot guys you meet out, probably have girlfriends or wives. Even if they don’t tell you so.

-A hot foreign accent always makes a guy twice as cute. Even if you can’t understand them.

-Shopping for clothing is considered a travel expense.

-Make friends with your local bartenders. You will reap the benefits.

-When in doubt, partying and touring trump sleeping.

-Take as many pictures as possible. Even if they are just of you and your friends. The landmarks will be there the next time you go, but your friends may not.

-A milkshake can be a very fine dinner.

-One of your most important meals is at 2am. French toast and grilled cheese not only taste delish, but help prevent tomorrow’s hangover.

-When thrown the situation of flirting or taking care of your wasted friend, take care of your friend. There will always be other people to flirt with.

-Always accept a free drink. Just don’t lose your morals because of it.

-Try to meet up with friends from past lives when you are near them. Reunions are always great fun!

-Be adventurous with where you eat. But draw the line somewhere.

-Always look cute. Pictures may be taken.

-Wear comfortable shoes. But not ugly ones. There has to be a happy medium.

and last but not least,

-Be adventurous, have fun, and take all the opportunities that are thrown at you. The last thing you want is to look back at a trip and have regrets of things you didn’t do.

That’s all for now.

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