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Sideways Hours

I love how now that I am at the end of my semester and have all this free time, I can’t do anything I want to.

After a busy day of errand running and working out, I just wanted to go to my school library and listen to some music. For anonymity’s sake, let’s say I go to Wayside School. Louis Sachar rocks. Anyway, even though finals and promotionals are still in progress, Wayside is already on summer hours! It isn’t summer yet! As I handed my school ID to the man at the library asking for a CD, he said “I’m sorry. But we are already on summer hours and we close in 5 minutes.”

Pfffttt. So much for my brilliant plan. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow, now that I know how sideways Wayside School is. If my life always worked out as I planned, I guess I’d have nothing to blog about.

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