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8th Grade Flashback

I just took a look through my 8th grade year book. It was hilarious to see how we all have changed. Even though I am not friends with most of the people in there, I am still in touch with many of them through Facebook and mutual friends. Two of my close friends have just gotten engaged, and one is married with twins! It’s crazy how quickly the years have gone by.


Looking back at the faces that used to be familiar, I don’t see a bunch of strangers, but children from the past. I can remember specific inside jokes, who my best friends were, who was in class with me and what teachers I had that year. But those people are gone forever. They have become the young adults that we are today. Yearning for success and happiness, we are trying to achieve more than we ever thought was possible. Money, family, a career and good friends. At the time the fights we had were so huge, the parts I played in school plays were unforgettable, and we were all going to be friends forever. Many of those memories have faded, but I feel so fortunate to look back at this book and see how far I have come, what friends I have kept, and how happy I am today.

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