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NO NO Navy

I can’t help but wonder how in a day when everything is super expensive, Old Navy is still priced the same as when I was a kid.

Shorts are 15 bucks and t-shirts are 2 for 15.

I assume people think they are getting a bargain, but the quality has gone WAY down hill.

I grabbed every pair of shorts in the store and ended up buying none. Everything is boxy and lacks tailoring. The details are infantile. The butt pockets would look cute on a baby’s butt, but are not suitable for anyone over the age of 7. My sister tried on a dress thatdress was already ripped inside the store. No sense in finding one that isn’t busted if it can rip just as easily.

I am not a clothes snob in the sense that I will only buy expensive designer clothing. I shop at Target and H&M often and love getting cute clothes for a low price. But when it comes to sacrificing quality for quantity, I will not go for the latter.

I challenge Old Navy: Either raise your prices a bit and start producing clothing that has some quality, or keep your prices the same and let your quality go completely down the toilet.

If they start selling plastic bags as dresses, that will be it!


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