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Will Draw Boobs

No more starving artist title for this guy. There is a man who has found a way to strike it rich. He draws cartoons, and his gimmick is “Will draw anything for $2!”

Sounds like a bargain. For two bucks, he will draw whatever your little heart desires, if you are willing to wait. He has a list that goes back to July 24th. I recommend submitting something that is an inside joke between you and a friend and giving it to them for their birthday this fall, or for Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa.

Just go to http://yirmumah.com/ (get it, Your Moolah? Hahaha!) and tell him specifically what you want drawn. And for entertainment, check out the other crazy things he has drawn, like Derek Jeter eating pizza with Phil Hartman’s ghost on the moon. I didn’t come up with it, but some crazy person did.

So get your crazy idea put into ink today!

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