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8th Grade Flashback

I just took a look through my 8th grade year book. It was hilarious to see how we all have changed. Even though I am not friends with most of the people in there, I am still in touch with many of them through Facebook and mutual friends. Two of my close friends have just gotten engaged, and one is married with twins! It’s crazy how quickly the years have gone by.


Looking back at the faces that used to be familiar, I don’t see a bunch of strangers, but children from the past. I can remember specific inside jokes, who my best friends were, who was in class with me and what teachers I had that year. But those people are gone forever. They have become the young adults that we are today. Yearning for success and happiness, we are trying to achieve more than we ever thought was possible. Money, family, a career and good friends. At the time the fights we had were so huge, the parts I played in school plays were unforgettable, and we were all going to be friends forever. Many of those memories have faded, but I feel so fortunate to look back at this book and see how far I have come, what friends I have kept, and how happy I am today.

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Porn Star goes to the Prom

High school is a hard time for many. Having to deal with peer-pressure, fitting in, and getting good grades to get into that Ivy league college so that your parents can brag to everyone they know. In the mean time, your body is going through crazy changes, hair is growing in new places, and your hormones are ragging out of control. Luckily, I am well beyond those years.

For many, all of that cumulates in the most dreaded and celebrated night of your high school life: The senior prom. Personally, I went with a friend in a group of “couples” that were just friends. The whole purpose of having a date is to have a cute posed picture in your gorgeous dress, and have someone to dance with on slow dances.

In past years at Calabasas High School (go Coyotes!), a high school in a northern Los Angeles suburb, a boy asked a stripper to be his prom date, but this is the first porn star, that we know of. This is the real-life story of the movie “The Girl Next Door,” except I doubt she lives next door, and someone probably paid her.

dakoda brookesPorn starlet Dakoda Brookes was set up on a blind date to attend the Calabasas High School prom on May 3rd, 2008. The Alabama native said she never had the chance to have a real prom experience and jumped at the chance to go. Her date, Alex, claims he was “a bit terrified and excited”, especially since Alex is still a virgin. Or was before the blessed night. “He didn’t have a date and I said sure, I’ll go,” Brookes said. “I try not to think about what his mom and dad might say about this but it’s really just two teens going to the prom.”

I have no idea if the school is trying to reprimand the student for the possible negative publicity. Since both parties of the date are consenting adults, I doubt there is much they can do.

“Oh my God. When I found out he was a virgin I wasn’t sure if I should go through with it but I wasn’t able to have fun at my own prom so I thought let’s do it,” Brookes said in an interview.

It sounds like prom has gotten way sexier since I left school.

To read/see more on Ms. Brookes, check out this month’s cover of Hustler, a video of her on, or one of the following links:

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