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Dale Vicky Cristina Gotham

In the past week, I have seen more movies than I saw all year. First, I saw the hilarious and ridiculous Pineapple Express, which was hilarious but I think I would have enjoyed it more had I followed my siblings lead of smoking a fatty before the movie. After a while I was thinking there couldn’t possibly be anything else to blow up. And then they found the last item, and 100 others. It was insane. And kudos to James Franco for playing a sexy and very convincing stoner. I am not personally aware of his personal choices, but I bet he doesn’t toke up as often as Seth Rogen does. I enjoy Seth Rogen’s writing (having seen SuperBad and this), but I don’t enjoy seeing him run around in tighty whiteys. Seth, buddy, do us all a favor and keep you pants on.

Next, I saw The Dark Knight for the second time. I was skeptical of seeing it again. I really enjoyed it the first time, but I wasn’t jumping out of my seat saying it was the best movie ever and I needed to see it twenty more times in while it’s still in theatres. The cast is amazing. Hands down. However, the movie’s strengths are Heath Ledger as the Joker, Christian Bale’s looks and the flawless special effects. I did not enjoy how they made TwoFace look. Seriously, if that much of his face is blown away, he is not going to have a fully functioning exposed eyeball. And Christian Bale was pretty to look at and plays an even keeled and witty Bruce Wayne, but my vocal cords hurt just from listening to his incomprehensible raspy Batman voice. It was actually pretty humorous to the point that I had to refrain from giggling almost every time he talked. Also, they kept calling him “The Batman”. It was just awkward. Why not callĀ  him Batman and nix the “The”? But really, Heath Ledger was phenomenal. There is talk that he will be the second person to be nominated and possibly win postmortem (First being Peter Finch of the 1976 film Network). Obviously, it is too early to even think of Oscars, but I hope Ledger is nominated and that he wins.

Tonight I saw the new Woody Allen flick Vicky Cristina Barcelona. First of all, I walked into the theatre not know what I was seeing. I assumed I was seeing some indie film. I mean, I’m not a total idiot. I knew that Woody Allen had a new movie out, but I had NO idea what it was called and vaguely remembered who was in it. I thought the film was fantastic. Woody Allen has done it again. The film is witty and light with a very blatant sexual overtone. And the backdrop being gorgeous Barcelona, makes you want to go find some Spaniard and get swept off your feet. Barcelona has definitely been bumped further up on my list of places to go in the immediate future. Penelope Cruz was hilarious and it was a pleasure to see Javier Bardem looking very sexy minus the awful hair piece he wore in No Country for Old Men (with hair that bad, no wonder he was so angry). Infact, does anyone else think that Javier has a Hollywood twin? Look:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (best known as Denny from Grey’s Anatomy Season 2) and Javier Bardem are practically twins separated at birth. Both sexy. Both with accents.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen these three movies, please do. Especially Vicky Cristina Barcelona. You’ll thank me later.

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Don’t Diss My Carrie!

It was recently pointed out to me that there is a website dissing my gal Sarah Jessica Parker.

Not only was I shocked and appalled, but I was also pissed. All I have to say is that the maker of this site has way too much time on their hands. The site includes side by side pictures of SJP and horses in mimicking positions. Obsess much?

SJPSex and the City is probably one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I love the witty banter, the friendship between the four women, the sexy men, and of course, the to-die-for clothing, shoes and accessories. Never before had New York been quite as chic. And more importantly, the show made being a single woman acceptable and even glamorous. Everyone I know was enthralled with Carrie and he relationships with Big, Aidan, Burger, Alec, or whatever fling she was with at the moment. We wanted to be Carrie: have a lax job where we can set our own work-at-home hours, an incredible studio apartment in New York City, fabulous clothing, and amazing friends.

Even though Carrie and Sarah Jessica Parker are not one and the same, I feel like I know the actress through her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw, as well as other roles. She has worked in the business longer than most people her age, making the usually impossible transition from child-acting to adult success look like a piece of chocolate cake. She doesn’t have to be your favorite actress, but I think this is one of the cruelest attempts at poking fun at her.

If you’re jealous of her, you should be. But stop dissing my Carrie!

If you want to check out the site, go to

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