Dressed to be First Lady

After the world became aware of the amount of money Sarah Palin had been spending on her campaign wardrobe, the Obamas had to think smart.  A few days later Michelle Obama appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno is a non-designer outfit. She simply stated that she was wearing a “JCrew ensemble”.

And now for the goods from JCrew:


ITALIAN DECO TANK – originally $148 – NOW $99



I have always been a fan of the Crew. But knowing our upcoming First Lady has been online shopping there too, makes me feel a little more sophisticated walking around in my cute sweater.

For more info, check out : Michelle Obama in JCrew.


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2 responses to “Dressed to be First Lady

  1. For the record, this ensemble cost a bit more than the average outfit Sarah Palin wore while on the campaign trail. Her suits were mainly comprised of Levine Tahari business suits which full retail average about $250 and with the Macy’s discount cards (which everyone in the free world get)….20% less than MSP. Sarah just wears clothes better being a size 4 or 6 and, therefore, her clothes appear more expensive. The fact check is that they were not.

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