Wanna-Be Opera Singer

I don’t know if I have disclosed this information about myself in previous blogs, but I am an opera singer. No, I haven’t “made it” yet. I am still young and am working on perfecting and improving upon my talents. It kills me that there are people out there who tour and think they can sing opera. Below is a clip from Sarah Brightman’s Las Vegas “Harem” tour. She beings singing Cavalli’s “Ebben” from La Wally. This is a gorgeous aria. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. But first of all, opera should not be sung with a microphone, secondly, it should not be excerpted into pop songs, and ABOVE ALL, Sarah Brightman should NOT and NEVER AGAIN attempt to sing opera. And a pitiful attempt at it. However, this video is freaking hilarious! So, enjoy!


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2 responses to “Wanna-Be Opera Singer

  1. Sylvie

    opera music is just music like all other forms of music (classical, pop, dance, techno, hip hop and rap). It is open to interpretation by any artist just like all other music. one style of music is not superior to another.

    All forms of music each have its own merits.
    Some say that if Puccini had access to a microphone, he would use it — the man did like technology and I’m sure he would be happy that people still sing his ‘songs’ today. An aria is just that — a song.

  2. hey there, I really enjoy your blog:) I am also an opera singer and started writing a blog on my trials and tribulations as a working opera singer…please check it out


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