Crosby wins!

I don’t know who of you have been watching MTV’s show Rock the Cradle. I normally wouldn’t pay attention to the barely talented kids of has-been rockstars. But when I got an email from Crosby Loggins, who I lived in the dorms with my freshman year of college, I was intrigued. He is the person who introduced me to the music of John Mayer through the song “Neon”. Even before hearing Crosby’s own music, I knew he had good ears. I have followed his career for years and have always been curious why a talent like his has gone unnoticed. While he was tentative to enter this show, due to his desire to be his own person and step out of his dad’s (Kenny Loggins) shadow, he signed on. It was clear from the beginning that his musicianship was the best among the group of rockstars children.

crosby loggins

I watched the finale in anticipation. The finale three included Crosby, Jesse Blaze Snyder (Dee Synder’s son) and Chloe Lattanzi (daughter of Olivia Newton-John). The winner was clear to me, but had America gotten it right? Chloe was first to be eliminated, which I was expecting. Honestly, I am surprised she made it this far. After her tone-deaf performance the first week, I expected her to be toast. Now it’s down to the boys. I knew it would be between them from the beginning, Jesse being a crowd favorite because of his crazy performance behaviors, and Crosby being the best musician of the bunch.

And the the winner is…CROSBY!

CROSBY ROCKED THE CRADLE! I am so happy for him. If you haven’t seen the show yet, watch for him. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Way to go, Crosby!!

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One response to “Crosby wins!

  1. kcneon

    That’s cool that you went to college together. I clearly agree that he was the most talented.

    I watched a couple of episodes, but the host and judges seemed really lame. Was totally shocked that ONJ’s daughter made it that far!! HOW?

    Happy for Crosby, though. I always enjoyed his Dad’s songwriting. 🙂

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