Another Gay One


I knew from the moment I saw the two soldiers together that something wasn’t military “kosher”. Sure enough, the patient and his platoon buddy on tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy were indeed gay lovers. Uncle Sam must be shocked!

I was surprised that the show would approach the topic again, and twice in a row. But since what happened last season with Isaiah Washington’s gay slur towards T.R. Knight which led to Washington getting canned, the writers are obviously embracing their actors and whatever lifestyles they choose to lead. I applaud their dignified actions and their guts.

mark and callie

Also I am always amused when it is scripted to outright call a male character a “whore” as character Mark “McSteamy” Sloan was in tonight’s episode. Hehe.

I have to admit that before the writers’ strike, I was beginning to get turned off to the show due to the outlandish plot lines and the lack of chemistry between the previous sexified characters. Remember, sex sells, and no one was having it. However, I guess the break did the writers some good. They have developed new situations to stir things up at Seattle Grace, while all the while leaving the audience at home wondering when “McDreamy” will get back together with his favorite intern, or whatever Meredith Grey’s current job title is.

While the sight of two men kissing doesn’t turn me on, I do love the gays I know. So bravo Grey’s Anatomy for having the balls to say “Screw you, Isaiah Washington. We like our gays on this show.” Amen.

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