Spoiler Alert: Someone’s Gay!

Gay flag

After months of the writers strike, television has resumed. Most of my favorite shows are back on the air with new episodes to continue the plots that were rudely interrupted by greed and egos in the fall.

Yet it seems the hiatus has yielded some unoriginal ideas. Within the last week, three shows have outed or made reference to a gay character.

Grey's Anatomy cast

First, on ABC Thursday night, Kate Walsh returned as Addison to Grey’s Anatomy (since her new show, Private Practice, won’t air again until the fall). Suddenly the friendship between fellow doctors Callie and Erica went from cheerful to queer-ful when Addison raised awareness of the situation to Callie and the audience at home. Since when can two women not just be friends?

brothers and sisters

Fast forward to Sunday night. Brothers & Sisters (also on ABC) has another tremendously drama-filled episode where the shit hits the fan once again. There is so much chaos that no one flinches when Uncle Saul (played by actor Ron Rifkin) comes out to already gay nephew Kevin. I don’t know if I was underwhelmed due to the already mentionings in several previous episodes of Saul’s possible gayness or the incestuous feelings between a brother and “sister” while the family business is in trouble… again. But the outing of Saul was predictable and probably the event that occured that I could care less about.

Gossip Girl cast

Finally, the CW wants in on the gayness. In Gossip Girl (which I am addicted to mainly because of the beautiful people AND clothes) the lives of high school students has never been so complicated. Forget about the SATs and drivers licenses, these kids have real problems: who is the most popular, what to wear, and where to be seen in the illustrious city of New York. After weeks of feuding, Blair and Jenny have their final war. And young Jenny’s reputation is mutilated. Yes ladies and gents, not one, but TWO men are outed: Serena’s (Blake Lively) younger brother, Eric, and his AND Jenny’s boyfriend, Asher.

This is not the first time writers have synced their storylines (Series finale of Friends, where Rachel forgets about Paris to stay in New York with Ross and her friend vs. Series finale of Sex and the City, when Carrie ditches the Russian in Paris to return to New York to be with Big and her friends) yet, to air all in the same week was pretty coincidental.

Either way, gay or straight, I’ll continue watching these flamboyant shows.

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